Cheltenham Parkrun

Today I got up and went for a run.

More specifically, the very first Cheltenham Parkrun - a proper timed 5k event, running laps of the lake in Pittville Park.  Along with 233 other people, wow.

I have done one parkrun before - the Forest of Dean one, back in 2010.  But I struggle to find the enthusiasm to drive 20 miles early on a Saturday just to go and hurt my body by trying to run.  It's a very low priority behind kayaking and lie ins!

But Cheltenham is much closer, and after persuasion from a couple of mates I couldn't come up with a proper excuse not to.

looking back at the finish line
looking back at the finish area

I haven't tried running for about six months - and last summer's pathetic 'jog around the housing estate' attempts were hampered by random wheezy asthma type stuff.

So, my aims were low:

  1. get round the course without dying/needing inhaler
  2. don't come last
  3. a time under 40 minutes
  4. try not to stop and walk too much

yes, yes, yes and mostly yes!

GPS trace from my phone shows a fairly even pace - I got past half way before having to slow down to walking pace, and the few walk breaks I had were only short.  My calf muscles felt like they were on fire by the time I finished, but all good other than that!

So I'm happy about that - and even more pleased that my official time was just over 34 minutes!

More worryingly, I'll probably go and do it again at some point.  Maybe.



  1. Jem's gravatar


    I had to google '5km in miles' but once I did I was even more impressed.. mostly because I can do a 12 minute mile (which is OK?) but then I collapse into a heap.

    I keep meaning to look into running again, but meh [insert excuse here]

    Jem | 17th Feb 13 6:28

  2. Katy's gravatar

    two small kids seems like enough of an excuse to me!

    Katy | 17th Feb 13 12:02

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