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Shropshire sheep

Somewhere on a hill near Church Stretton

One of several stops on my way home from yet another #cakefest on Sunday. Going for lunch in Shrewsbury proved to be a silly idea (random army march/parade = traffic + road closures, argh), but I drove past 2 of my previous houses so that's quite cool.

busy easter

Four day weekend + good weather = no excuse for staying inside doing nothing productive (ie wasting hours on the internet)


one session of cardio tennis 40km bike ride shopping (yawn) walk on Painswick Beacon walk on Haresfield Beacon many laps of CIWW (no capsizing!) 45km bike ride (complete with steep hill) a bit of gardening one tennis lesson

More than enough to justify a large takeaway pizza, several creme eggs and a bag of mini eggs... probably.

outdoor climbing

My far too on-off relationship with rock climbing has been based entirely indoors for many years now.. until last weekend!

First off, an impromptu Sunday evening bouldering session at Haresfield.  I didn't actually do much, because I'm not hugely fussed on bouldering (I like ropes and harnesses!).  But any excuse to take photos and be a bit sociable.

Then an after work trip up Cleeve Hill on Monday, climbing as the sun set.  Absolutely beautiful - views across Cheltenham and warm limestone!

Unsurprisingly I'd forgotten how different outdoor climbing is to the climbing wall, with its convenient and obvious holds.  I frequently found... continue reading »