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Skiing in La Rosière

After last year's successful first ski trip, I was very excited about getting back on the slopes this season - especially having acquired some more bits of proper ski kit (jacket and goggles) recently.

We went to La Rosière.  Again in a catered chalet, but this time not quite so last minute - booked a week and a bit in advance!

We had a few snowy days, several big dumps of fresh powder overnight, and a lot of glorious sunshine.  Oh, and plenty of vin chaud, of course!

This is where I'd love to write that it was just as amazing as last... continue reading »

Dartmeet to Bellever Tor

Mid January sees the traditional weekend trip to Dartmoor, for kayaking and drinking.  This year water levels were low, but not so low that we couldn't paddle.  I've not done anywhere near enough kayaking recently, so a nice trip down the Loop was just what I needed to remind me what I've been missing!

On Sunday the levels were no different, so options were: paddle the Loop again, or go for a walk.  I chose walking.

We started at Dartmeet and headed upstream, crossing the East Dart at the Laughter Hole stepping stones.  Not the friendliest stepping stones I've ever used -... continue reading »