Easter walking

Easter was vaguely planned to be a multi activity weekend of fun... somewhat typically that didn't quite happen, for various reasons.  But I did get some good walking in, so it wasn't all bad!

On Good Friday I ticked off a bit more Wye Valley Walk - starting in Ross on Wye up to Hole in the Wall (home of PGL, fact fans) and back again along the Herefordshire Trail.

Ross was heaving - lots of sunburnt people lazing about by the riverside.  And walking slowly in my way.  But I soon got past them, and out into the fields.  Horrible smelly yellow fields.  With small swarms of flies that would have quite happily eaten me, if I hadn't been quite so busy constantly swatting at them with my map.

Wasn't all sneezy fields though - one small bit was a very pretty wood full of bluebells.  And butterflies, ick.

stupid creatures
typical pheasant - leapt out from the hedge and nearly gave me a heart attack!

Plenty of normal fields too, with sheep and pheasants.   Heard a cuckoo too, something I haven't heard for years.  According to where I thought I was on the map, I should have found a trig point on my way back.. but I didn't.  Inspection of the gps trace suggests I was probably on the wrong side of a large hedge, oh well.

On Easter Monday Abi and I were going to go biking, but then realised that the Forest was likely to be full of tourists.  Certainly saw a lot of cars with bikes on, anyway.  Plus my bike probably desperately needs a service, which I have yet to find time/space to do..

So instead we headed over to the Brecon Beacons/Black Mountains.  My 'short walks' guidebook suggested the Blorenge as an easy walk (just under 7km), including the grave of some famous horse I'd never heard of, so that was that sorted.

me standing on the Blorenge
don't I look cool...

Lots of hang gliders launching from the summit, which was good to watch.  And look at the glorious sunshine!  Awesome views, with very little haze.  Lovely :)  Oh, and a 4 flake ice cream on the way back.  nom.


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