It's April, which means Scotland time!  Previous trips have been over Easter, but as that's stupidly late this year we went a weekend earlier, in the hope of more chance of rain.

Hah!  A gloriously sunny weekend, and very little water in the rivers (but I believe things haven't improved in the week since, so still a good call, methinks)

Still plenty to do for our 'intermediate' trip though! We had a very long weekend, taking the whole of Thursday to travel up to Kinlochleven, where we were staying - Blackwater bunkhouse, highly recommended!

Friday started well, when the lens fell out of my glasses as I was getting dressed.  Good thing I had a spare pair handy...  We paddled the Awe, which was a nice warm up - indeed, some went back for a second run, but I was more concerned with finding a friendly optician to fix my specs!

Loch Leven
Loch Leven being all pretty and mirror like

Saturday brought the Spean Gorge, which I declined (again) having had one too many nightmares after seeing photos of the siphon on headbanger.  Should really do the bloody river and get over this, but argh..  A chilled out afternoon followed - a few of us went climbing, whilst others visited Neptune's Staircase.

Sunday... Etive.  Lovely pretty Glen Etive, still one of my favourite places :)  So between us we racked up several hundred more photos of the world's most photographed rapids, haha.  Then a wander around Kinlochleven before food in the climbing wall bar.

Monday had the best weather (as in, beautiful sunshine) - typical really, as we'd be spending the day driving home!  But some of us got a quick run down the Coe Gorge in on the way, which was good.

All in all, a great weekend.  A little bit more water might have been nice, but we made do and everyone enjoyed themselves, which is the most important thing!  Can't wait to go back for another visit :)


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