I like fireworks.  I also really like taking photos of fireworks:

fireworks in Gloucester Docks

From last Saturday night, right outside my apartment (extra bonus: didn't have to pay the fiver to get in, hah)

20 minute display, over the water.  Which was probably very pretty if you could actually see the reflections, but unfortunately the dock is surrounded by a lot of tall buildings, and there were a lot of people there.  Good thing fireworks go upwards really! (side note: why on earth you try and watch from under an umbrella?!)

Photos require a camera with manual shutter speed control - ie the Canon, which is in semi retirement due to its battery level reporting weirdness :(

Anyway, 3 sets of batteries (2 of which were the same, stupid camera...) and I managed to get 98 shots.  Mostly crap ones, but that's ok!  Just means it takes a bit longer to decide which ones are worth keeping :)


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  1. geek's mum's gravatar

    Maybe you should contact the firework display people and offer your shots as publicity material (for a small fee)

    geek's mum | 17th Nov 09 1:33

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