So, my lovely gadget phone is about 18 months old now.  For the last month, the market's been oddly broken on it - refusing to work with my google account (I'm 'difficult' and use my domain account, rather than a 'normal' gmail one).  I don't know why it suddenly stopped.. it always used to work, albeit without the ability to purchase apps.  I could cope with that.

Anyway, that was annoying me, as it meant no installing/updating/removing of anything.  Apparently there's some sort of migration going on of domain gmail accounts, so last week I thought I'd force that through and hope everything worked again.

It didn't.  Still just kept prompting me to add a 'normal' gmail account.  Which I don't really want to do, partly because 1.6 doesn't give you any way of removing an account once its synced with the phone (also my 'normal' account is on my work phone)

So I found myself googling about for possible ways of upgrading the OS.  Which would involve rooting the phone, thus minor risk of bricking it completely.

But no.. instead, I found this announcement.  And nearly fell off my chair in shock.  A 2.2 upgrade for my old and now relatively crappy phone?  After months of silence and no other updates (it was previously on 1.6)  awesome!

On Thursday, the update notification popped up.  Exciting!  Clearly me having an O2 sim in the phone makes no difference, yay.

So my phone is now running Android 2.2.1, aka "Froyo". (frozen yoghurt)  Because some unwritten rule says that all linux distros must have stupid naming schemes.  Android's annoys me a lot less than Ubuntu's ridiculous animal crap, but still.
Anyway, 2.2 is great so far - everything works again, I've got more control over certain stuff, and it's all just a little bit shinier :)


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