it's 2011

Should I be writing small essays about how good/bad/whatever 2010 was?  Can't be arsed.  It's been... busy.  and generally good, I think.

The last week or so has been quite spectacularly lazy.  No work, not especially any other fun plans - so I've mostly been asleep, and have now almost entirely lost track of what day it is.  Getting up on time for work on Tuesday isn't going to be nice.

That said, I was up bright and early on New Year's Eve, but only because we went kayaking :)  And I did have a little nap when I got home before going out again, or I might not have made it till midnight.  Instead we were up till about 3am playing Articulate.  Very civilised (after spent 4 hours eating dinner and lots of nice cheese, yum)

First big important job for 2011 is buying a new car.  I know what I want, so now it's just a case of finding one that isn't a million miles away.  Or beige, eww.

Other things to do this year: all of this.  I've bought the guidebook and everything, hah.  Although to make it more interesting/different, I'm thinking that boats and bikes should be involved as well as walking boots!


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