So, the day after buying new boots (and wandering up my local hill in them) I headed over to Glasbury to do another section of the Wye Valley Walk.

Two options from Glasbury: walk back to Llowes (about 4km), or walk upstream to Boughrood (about 5k)

I was contemplating getting both bits done in one day, so leaving the car in the middle of a vague figure of 8.

a stack of canoes
a pile of hire canoes in Glasbury

As it turned out, this didn't happen.  After walking to Llowes and back, the new boots were rubbing my heels a bit, so I decided it would be silly (and probably painful) to walk any further.

I also managed to find an impressive bit of non-footpath on the river bank in Glasbury.  Having hacked my way through half dead plants and piles of rocks, I eventually found a sign pointing out that due to erosion, the footpath I was standing on had been closed.  Shame I'd already walked the majority of it!  So rather than a sneaky riverside loop around to the other side of Glasbury to meet the WVW, I had to turn back on myself.  rubbish!


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