I can see for miles

I bought some new walking boots.  No more squished toes and worn down soles!

Good excuse for a quick wander up the local highpoint - Robinswood Hill.  A mighty 198m above sea level, topped with trig point, some sort of jubilee beacon and another pillar that probably should have a toposcope on it, but in fact just had holes and bits of old glue/cement.  Useful.

Anyway, the scenery was fairly obvious - Gloucester (including my house!), the Cotswolds, May Hill, Bredon Hill, some of the Malverns (hiding under a rain cloud), and these:

both Severn bridges

Both Severn bridges, 25 miles away.  Wasn't expecting to be able to see them so well on a dull and slightly drizzly day... Must make a mental note to go up again when it's clear and sunny!


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