Greyt Walk

Last Saturday we attended the "Greyt Walk and Get Together", organised by the Forever Hounds Trust. I didn't realise it was happening until about Thursday, but we didn't have anything else planned and it was nearby - on Robinswood Hill - so off we went.

dog walking

It may look nice and sunny (because it was, until about 10 minutes after we got home) but the walk was mostly rather muddy.  Obviously this doesn't bother me, but Bonnie isn't always keen to get her paws dirty or wet.  Not that she really had a choice - and she wasn't the only dog trying to avoid the mud.

I didn't count, but I reckon there must have been 20-30 dogs there.  Greyhounds, lurchers, at least one whippet, plus a couple of others.  Quite a sight for other users of the hill!

group photo
group photo

After the walk we stopped at the café for a tea/coffee (or in our case, ice cream), and a large box of dog treats appeared.  A good morning out for everyone involved!


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