Hello 2010

Bye bye 2009.

The last few days of which were spent faffing about in South Wales.  A little bit of surfing, a lot of food and drink, and a day of mountain biking.

We did most of the Penhydd trail at Afan - 12km rather than 17, as one bit was closed.  Quite fun, although far too much uphill (I hate cycling uphill, so walked the bike...) and a couple of fairly terrifying descents.  That can be explained by the 'red' grading of it :p 
I chose to ignore the warning signs ("Red Route - is this for you?" answer - probably not) and instead pretty much entirely wore out my rear brake pads trying to go slowly. haha.  Also fell off once... unfortunately with everyone else watching.  oops!

The rest of it was great though - plenty of muddy puddles to splash through :D (we won't mention the stream I ended up half standing in...)

Rather typically all the snow that had been forecast decided to wait until we were getting ready to leave to appear.  boo!  This has now been made up for by it snowing lots here today :)


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