les légumes

I'm in Lyon at the moment, in a very posh hotel (here on business, hehe).

My French is rusty, to say the least.  But I'm making an effort, and so just about got through my entire meal last night without speaking English :)

Then the waiter appeared with a shot glass of something green and moussey looking.  I didn't really catch any of what he said, other than that I should eat it and say if I like it...

Had a few spoonfuls, but couldn't quite place the taste  So I asked.  Eventually we got as far as "comme un chou-fleur... mais le vert...?".  So that would be broccoli then (le brocoli, apparently).  Je n'aime pas le brocoli.

Today's lunch seemed to involve lots of mussels, anchovies, mushrooms and courgettes.  In shot glasses. Yuck!  I ate lots of different puddings instead, which were much tastier.


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