Musical Excitement

Two very important and exciting musically themed things this week:

  1. The Manics are doing a mini-tour in May.
  2. There's a new Radiohead album

oh, and the Brit awards, but that registers so low on my radar that it may as well not exist.  As I displayed my massive lack of street cred during a discussion at work where I hadn't heard of any of the winners/nominees.  No huge loss, given that I assume the charts are probably full of x factor type shite :P

Starting with point 2.  Radiohead.  Ahhhh! Whilst enjoying a lazy day off on monday, the internet informed me that a new album would be out for download on Saturday (ie today, though it actually appeared yesterday).  As much as I'd love to say that I rushed off to pre-order it, I'm still part luddite when it comes to buying music so will be waiting till next month and buying the CD instead.  I have been watching the delightfully odd Lotus Flower video though, mmm.

And then we have the Manics.  My most favouritest band in the entire world, ever.  I'd considered going to see them when they toured before christmas, but the nearest gig clashed with some canoe club thing so I didn't (I know, what a shit excuse, haha).  But their most recent album is excellent, and I got entirely distracted watching the Blackwood gig on BBC red button the other week, so when they announced a few tour dates I was straight on it.  (conveniently ignoring angry red bank balance and budget spreadsheet at this point!)

Cardiff, May 21st.  I'm going on my own, and I fully intend to be somewhere near the front, covered in far too much glittery eyeliner.  Not done that for a long while :)  This'll be Manics gig #7, and the first time in Wales too, so that's exciting.

Last night brought up much reminiscing about a youth spend hurting my ear drums with loud live music, culminating in me attempting to make a list of every gig I've been to.  It mostly consists of Manics and Super Furry Animals, and a 3 and a bit year gap since I last saw anyone.  That's a bit pants, but shows quite how much my priorities/hobbies have changed over the last 10(!!) years..


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