Severn bridge half marathon

What better way to spend a bank holiday Sunday than getting up ridiculously early to go and watch about 2000 people run over a bridge?

That's not selling it well - I was actually pleasantly surprised by how fun my first half marathon experience was.  Spectating, of course - and cheering on Rachael who is mad enough to do this kind of thing regularly.

off she goes!

They started half way across the bridge, ran into England, around some roads (including a hill of some sort), then all the way back across the bridge into Wales, finishing at the event village in a field next to a business park.

Meanwhile I had a leisurely wander across the bridge, taking loads of photos and generally enjoying the novelty of standing in the middle of the M48.

severn bridge tower

I'd walked about three miles and made it to roughly the 11 mile marker sign when the first runners came flying past. Crazy fast!  From there on it was an ever increasing stream of runners, who we clapped and cheered as they passed.  Fantastic atmosphere :)


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