slalom at the Yat

I think it's safe to say that canoe slalom isn't my cup of tea - I got beaten by small children at a couple of div 4 events several years ago, and did one interclubs, but in general I prefer my paddling without the competitive element (and definitely without the pushy parents).

But when CCC's slalom enthusiasts decided it was about time an event happened at Symonds Yat again, it was with the understanding that the whole club would be expected to help out, not just the stick chasers.  Not a problem!

Vast amounts of planning, organisation and general stress later, we had ourselves a two day event with about 150 entries each day.

lots of sticks

I was only around for the first day, helping out in the control tent with the oh-so-retro timing system:

note gaffer tape

Despite a few small hiccups things mostly ran smoothly, if a little behind schedule at times...  I don't think I'll be following my dad and brother into the world of timekeeping somehow.

Not bad for the first event at Symonds Yat for 20 years, and the first one organised by our club.  Especially if you consider that the majority of our volunteers aren't regular slalomists!

Feedback for the event has been very positive, and I believe it's pencilled in the calendar again for 2015.   Well done Ali, Dave and John for sorting it all out :)


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