Snakes in the Slow Lane

Well, today has been a bit crap.
First off, I overslept. This resulted in a bit of a mad panic so I could leave for work in time. And when I did finally leave the house, I was greeted with this lovely sight:

hay lorry blocking the gate

A massive lorry (two trailery bits) full of hay completely blocking the gate.
No sign of the driver, naturally. No idea what it was doing there, obviously we do kind of live on the farm but you'd think they could have at least driven into the yard rather than 'parking' in the road (not even pulled in!)

So yes, that was irritating. It gets worse though - the second half of my trip to work was at a max speed of 30mph in a huge queue of traffic. I was late :(

Then I spent about an hour this afternoon poking at some code trying to figure out why it would email me but not put the data into the database. Turns out that I wasn't actually executing the sql query. Duuhhhhh.

On a more positive note, we saw Snakes on a Plane last night. It was quite ridiculously pants, but in a very entertaining way.


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