ooh, bleach...

Katy decides she is not blonde enough and needs some highlights. Katy cannot afford to get them done 'properly', and hates all hairdressers anyway on principle because they're useless chavvy twats.

hmm, let's look back at previous hair colourings shall we?
I had red streaks in the first year of uni, they worked fairly well until they faded and stayed pink for months.
Then I had several failed attempts at going red all over, ending up ginger and then orangy pink.
Then there was the bleach. That worked, but left me with a nice dark halo an inch down my hair. Only for a week though, because then it went red and actually stayed red for a few washes (then went pink for months).
And most recently I had a reddish streak at the front, which probably looked very daft. Actually, who am I kidding - all of my attempts at red hair have looked pretty stupid.

So yes, I've obviously not learnt my lesson, because now I have some very dodgy looking streaks that don't go all the way down and a big bleached blob where it looks like something has crapped on me. Excellent :(
And because it's bleach, I'm stuck with it until it grows out or I give in and bleach the whole lot to be the same colour. meh.

Oh well, maybe it won't look as horrific once it's dry...


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  1. Alex's gravatar

    I hear that It was done rather professionally though

    Alex | 14th Oct 06 16:57

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