Teifi and Fireworks

Argh, it's the second week in November already!  I'm not quite sure how that's snuck up on me, other than me being far too busy doing a million other things to notice. 

The final weekend of October was the Teifi Tour - a weekend paddling the River Teifi, in South West Wales (in fact, 3 days for me, as some of us went early on the Friday). 
Hundreds of kayakers from various clubs all around the country, plus a massive party - which we avoided as we'd decided to stay in a lovely warm cottage rather than camp in a disgustingly muddy field :)

random Teifi image

Awesome fun!  Lots of flat water, with a few more interesting bits every now and again. So mostly just nice and relaxed, enjoying the great outdoors and pretty autumn colours.

This past weekend might have been a good time to relax and recover a bit (plus do some housework, yawn).  But no..  I was away with work for the end of last week (which prevented me from going to the Tyne Tour), so Saturday morning was spent driving home.  Followed by a much needed nap!  Then, time to wander outside for some fireworks :)

not a great display to be honest, but as a resident I didn't have to pay to get in so can't complain really, haha

Yesterday I got up far too early to go kayaking.  For a change :p  Another trip to Cardiff, where they've changed the course quite a bit.  For the better, I think... it certainly didn't seem quite as pushy and mental as before :)


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