virgin media are still rubbish

My internet connection is doing something weird.  For a change :roll:

Sites aren't loading.  Not all sites, and not all the time.  But there's a few that are consistently broken (including this one, bah).  Not a DNS thing, not a server problem with the sites themselves...  Pinging works normally, and small things will load (I can always get to my 404 page, or load small images) - just not whole pages.  The title will come up, but then it just sits and 'loads' forever.  No timeouts either.

And then occasionally there'll be a 2 minute burst where everything is fine and normal.  But not often enough. (who knows if this post will even submit?)

I also can't get to bham webmail, which is very irritating as my degree result is due imminently :s

Anyway, as if that wasn't enough, a bit of junk mail appeared yesterday.  "Experience the mother of all broadband!", advertising virgin media's "amazingly fast" new fibre optic services.  Er, yeah.

When I'm living somewhere where choice of ISP is up to me, it sure as hell won't ever be virgin.  The last year or so has given me more than enough proof of just how crap their service (and support) is.


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