Today I decided to conduct a scientific investigation on a very important subject.  Chocolate.

More specifically, bubbly chocolate.  This was inspired by me buying a wispa yesterday, and it not being as bubbly as I remembered.  Either that or I was bored, make your own mind up.

I also happen to have the remains of a bar of Dairy Milk Bubbly lying around, so yay, a comparison:


Wispa (on the left) is described on the packaging as "Aerated Milk Chocolate", and seems to consist of lots of small bubbles (with the odd big one).  The Bubbly (on the right) is "Textured Milk Chocolate", and has bigger bubbles.  Just about.

Does bigger bubbles == tastier?  Inconclusive - I'll need to repeat the experiment to have enough data for a conclusion, hehe ;)



  1. geek's mum's gravatar

    Hmmm think we will ALL have to try this one! And what about Aero bars? Or maybe peppermint aero bars (does the mint take up bubble space?)Of course you could use higher mathematics to estimate the amount of air in the bubbles and then calculate how much you have paid for thin air. (But really it's what is wrapped around it that matters, yum!)

    geek's mum | 20th Oct 08 12:44

  2. Katy's gravatar

    Aeros are evil Nestle, and therefore not worthy of being compared!

    Katy | 21st Oct 08 3:26

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