I spent Easter weekend in Scotland :)

Bit of a last minute plan, following a conversation the weekend before that went something like "Scotland next weekend?" "ooh, can I come?" "yeah, sure".

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Wild camping around the Fort William area - near to rivers, obviously (yes, it was a kayaking trip).

We left Birmingham at stupid o'clock on Friday morning, and arrived at about half 2 I think.  Went for a walk along the banks of the Etive, which had a lot of water in it.  Randomly bumped into some people from Cheltenham canoe club while we were there. As a side note, walking through soggy peat bogs in trainers is not wise!

Following a trip to Morrisons, we set up camp somewhere in Glen Nevis - in a forest car park type thing, in fact the "Braveheart" car park.  River on one side, huge mountains on the other... lovely!

Saturday morning we got up and ran the Lower Roy, then had a nice walk in the afternoon.  Then back to Fort William to sit in a pub and wait for the rest of UBKC to turn up for their club trip.  A few slightly confused faces, as I hadn't told anyone I was turning up. hehe :)  Plans for Sunday were formed, and we eventually vanished off to find somewhere to camp.  Ended up in a random layby in Glen Roy - with far too many rocks/bits of tree under the groundsheet.  Oh well!

Easter Sunday involved a nice walk from Roybridge to Spean Bridge, whilst most others paddled.  Eating chocolate eggs whilst standing on a big bridge, yum :)

Some amount of faffing later, we buggered off back to Glen Etive to set up camp by the river.  Obviously a popular spot, as we had to go quite far down the road before we found a spot which didn't already have a tent on it.
There were lots of deer around, which was very cool.  I don't think I've seen wild deer before (oh, and the venison burger I ate on Friday was quite nice too...)

Monday morning's "ready to get on the river for 9am" didn't entirely happen, so rather than finishing for about midday, it was more like 2 when we got off the river and left (club are there till this weekend, but our little group all have jobs and things so had to be back).  Me swimming probably slowed things down a bit too, oops.  But nevermind that - the Etive is awesome! And very photogenic - which may or may not have been my main reason for going in the first place.. But photos/video will have to wait until everyone else gets back. mmm, huge waterfall...

The traffic on the way back was a bit slow, particularly around Loch Lomond.  I eventually got home about 11, and am still quite tired two days later.

Also very achey, bruised and generally battered from the kayaking.  All worth it :D


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