It seems Slovenia is just as lovely as it was two years ago. So I probably don't need to repeat all the waffle about how beautiful and chilled out it is...

One definite improvement on last time is the fact that I did not capsize all week - compared to 5 swims in 2010.  Partly this may be due to me now having a fatass boat (which is awesome, I love it), but mostly I would like to think it's because I've actually got better at paddling.

The first couple of days were really misty.  Not being able to see what's coming... continue reading »


Last week I was in Slovenia, for what seems to have become an annual trip to the Alps for warm weather kayaking (the previous two years have been France).

Slovenia's been on my hit list ever since I first saw photos of the River Soča.  It's beautiful - crystal clear blue water, stunning scenery, etc.  Entirely worth the very long drive to get there!

4 days out of 6 we paddled sections of the Soča, and also a tributary called the Koritnica.  Access to the river is signposted, with maps, parking and portaloos.  Very civilized!

I really enjoyed the river - ranging from... continue reading »