A day on the Dee

Revision is still very boring.  I've been amusing myself by spending lots of time in a boat (I know, how surprising).

Town Falls on the Dee

In the last few weeks I've done BUSA polo, been surfing in St David's (awesome fun, see photos!) and a few random canal trips.  At half 7 this morning - yes, I really was awake that early - I was paddling to the Mailbox and back.

Anyway, last Saturday we went over to Llangollen, paddled up the canal and then back down the river Dee.  In the sunshine.  Lovely :)  

That's Town Falls there, with some random paddler on it.  I avoided the big white bit and took the somewhat scrapey 'chicken shoot' on the right, heh.  Also portaged (got out and walked around) Serpent's Tail, the other 'difficult' bit.

But it was a very fun day, nice and chilled with no stress or panicking :) I really enjoyed myself.  Oh, and had a very yummy apple pie flavour ice cream afterwards.  Second ice cream of the year and it's only just May!

Big difference from the last time I took that photo in December - that was too much water and very much stress and panic, heh. 

Anyway, exams start in just over a week so I should probably do less procrastinating and more actual revision, eek. 



  1. Jim's gravatar

    Do you see me revising?

    Jim | 10th May 08 15:54

  2. Katy's gravatar

    yeah, probably :P

    I did fall asleep with my head in the algorithms textbook yesterday... that counts, right?!

    Katy | 11th May 08 3:25

  3. Jim's gravatar

    That's how the brain absorbs knowledge silly!

    Jim | 14th May 08 11:31

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