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Where did April go?  It seems to have been one of those months where I feel I haven't done anything interesting, but I have been busy generally doing stuff.

Isn't it great having light evenings again?  And nice weather at weekends for long dog walks with pub lunches.  I'm not quite so keen on the yellow fields, as they tend to signify the start of sneezing season - I'm a couple of weeks into this year's pile of antihistamines, with the worst incident so far being on a National Express coach last weekend.  Bit random.

yellow fields

At some point during my usual winter SAD/laziness/apathy, I entered a few events to give myself something to focus on:

That idea has sort of worked.  I'm back into a running routine, though it's not quite the twice a week I was intending.  Maybe 3 times a fortnight.  My road bike has been cleaned and ridden a few times, and it has a shiny new road bike friend in the garage so I'm looking forward to a lot more of that (am I jealous that it wasn't me getting a new bike? maaaaybe)

Speaking of bikes and light evenings... Can't beat a bit of golden hour during a two hour after work ride. mmm

sunset over fields in Elmore

Bring it on, May.


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  1. Tess @ thefitbits.com's gravatar

    Ahhhh long evening bike rides, runs and sea swims for me - love this time of year!

    Tess @ thefitbits.com | 1st May 17 8:45

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