Cold Aston

Last Sunday's bike ride was an early one, due to other commitments later in the day.  An overcast and slightly humid morning for another Cotswolds ride - our third from the guidebook.

We started by the pub in Cold Aston and rode down the wonderfully named Bangup Lane.  I'm not used to starting a ride by going downhill, so that was a bit weird!

fields and track

The bridleways are all 'named' ones, with diamonds on the OS map.  However the names on the map (Diamond Way, Macmillan Way) didn't seem to feature on signposts - and the Sabrina Way we saw signed isn't called that on the map!  Not really a huge problem though as the route is very obvious.

I rode almost half way before realising my forks were still locked, which should tell you a lot about the terrain!

The final section bridleway was this beautiful stretch through an avenue of trees.  I absolutely love autumn colour.

autumn colours on a tree lined path
so pretty

14.5km of bridleways/tracks and a few bits of tarmac, with 230ish metres of ascent.  This was such a lovely ride, we'll definitely do it again - maybe in an evening next summer.  There was nothing technical or difficult, and not much navigation required either.



  1. Kate Jamieson's gravatar

    Ah this looks beautiful, love all the autumnal colours! Always best when you haven't got to keep stopping to navigate the trails as well (I am queen of getting lost when on a bike)

    Kate Jamieson | 4th Nov 16 8:46

  2. Cerys {mascara and mud}'s gravatar

    The colours in that last pic are gorgeous! I'm really getting the urge to get out on a bike more these days...just need to do something about it!

    Cerys {mascara and mud} | 4th Nov 16 9:53

  3. Lauren The Helpful Hiker's gravatar

    Love the photo of the autumn colours-so beautiful. It will be great to do the route in another season and see it from another perspective. (Also love Bangup Lane-great name!)

    Lauren The Helpful Hiker | 4th Nov 16 14:25

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