Archives for May 2006

Bye bye Birdies

The baby birds from outside the front door flew away last weekend. I was going to write about them ages ago, but forgot...

They're songthrushes apparently. That picture is from, um, last Friday I think. Don't they look evil? The mother bird was even more evil looking, glaring at us whenever we went out of the door.
I'm not fussed at all with baby birds. Alex thought they were cute, even when they looked like a mushy lump of alien squiggling around in the nest. Oh yes, and being sat on. It was quite weird... continue reading »

New House

Nice to see that my new ISP started charging on the day I placed the order, rather than now (two weeks later) when the internet actually starts working....
Anyway, the broadband is on, and is rather fast so I'm happy. Now I can go back to some serious job hunting.

The new house is very nice, certainly better than previous ones, mostly because this isn't a student house and isn't anywhere near Stoke - which now seems to be home of the BNP. Lovely. We've moved to toryland it seems, hehe.
There's no chavs in the village, no streetlights, no... continue reading »