New House

Nice to see that my new ISP started charging on the day I placed the order, rather than now (two weeks later) when the internet actually starts working....
Anyway, the broadband is on, and is rather fast so I'm happy. Now I can go back to some serious job hunting.

The new house is very nice, certainly better than previous ones, mostly because this isn't a student house and isn't anywhere near Stoke - which now seems to be home of the BNP. Lovely. We've moved to toryland it seems, hehe.
There's no chavs in the village, no streetlights, no annoying kids on mini motorbikes. Just lots of tractors and wildlife. No pub either though, and the lanes around are a bit narrow and scary in places. But that's cool, there's not a huge amount of traffic and I drive carefully (no, really).

I've spent the last three weeks rebuilding websites. This one is looking a lot better now - I've finished most of the themes and tweaked the coding (look, smilies :) !). Also changed a few things with the photo gallery, and dug up some stuff from the old site which I have improved and uploaded.
I've also almost completely redone the TSP website, which wasn't as much effort as I thought. Currently working on the admin section, user logons etc, then I've got to finish the design (which has nothing to do with me, I'm just making sure it works properly and isn't made from tables and <font> tags) and it can be uploaded, assuming the band are happy with it.
People should really pay me to do this kind of stuff...


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