Bye bye Birdies

The baby birds from outside the front door flew away last weekend. I was going to write about them ages ago, but forgot...

baby songthrushes

They're songthrushes apparently. That picture is from, um, last Friday I think. Don't they look evil? The mother bird was even more evil looking, glaring at us whenever we went out of the door.
I'm not fussed at all with baby birds. Alex thought they were cute, even when they looked like a mushy lump of alien squiggling around in the nest. Oh yes, and being sat on. It was quite weird to peek into the bush and see a big fat bird with assorted beaks and wings sticking out from underneath it.

Enough bird talk! Speaking of babies though, Alex and I were looking through friendsreunited the other day. The ones from our year who have kids now are exactly the same people you'd expect to. hehe, stupid chavs.



  1. geek's mum's gravatar

    What a pretty picture.

    My car is being used as target practice by nesting birds at home and at work.

    We have huge crows eating the 'fat balls' at the rate of one a day.

    Isn't spring a lovely time?

    geek's mum | 3rd Jun 06 0:58

  2. Katy's gravatar

    It's summer now!

    Katy | 3rd Jun 06 1:01

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