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car insurance

My car insurance is due next month.  Oh joy..  More worryingly the MOT is due tomorrow, getting done on Thursday and I reallyreallyreally hope it passes because my tax is due at the end of the month (so the weekend) and I'll be a bit screwed otherwise.

But yeah, insurance. Last year's cost £620.  That included no no-claims of any sort, and Alex as a named driver.  But I did live in the middle of the countryside and had a garage.  So not too bad.

Had the renewal quote through - £660!  OK so that's for the new address which is... continue reading »

oh look, I have internet again

Yes, my internet works again - which means I've uploaded all the stuff I've been working on offline for the last few weeks :D   ooh, shiny new features!

Expect it all to break spectacularly, heh.

If you're reading this it means I've successfully moved my website to a different and possibly less flakey server...

Not quite finished with 'improvements' yet (ha, as if I'll ever be).  Got loads more to do on the photo gallery, which I thought would be fairly straightforward but has actually turned into a much bigger project than originally planned.

Right, now it's time for some ice cream. yum... continue reading »

Broadband should not be this difficult

I arrived at my parents' house this afternoon armed with a load of washing, a car in desperate need of a good wash, and most importantly, some flowers for mum for mother's day.  This officially makes me the Best Daughter Ever :)  yay.  It has since been pointed out that I have never given her flowers before..  oh well.

I've been having some fun with ISPs this week...

the short story is that my broadband is now on order and should be activated by the end of next week.
the long story involves much more ranting :)

My old isp was EFH. ... continue reading »

Lunar Eclipse

There's a total lunar eclipse, like, right now.  It's amazing :)  I've been taking photos like some kind of mad woman, because although they're not that rare, it's usually cloudy or at stupid times in the morning so I don't get to see them. 

So yes, of about 45 images taken before all my batteries died this is the best one.  Not photoshopped (well, cropped and sharpened a tiny bit but that's all), still a little bit blurry but I'm rather pleased.  Most of the other images came out quite badly - there was one other decent one but it's a... continue reading »

moving house, yet again

Oh look, I'm moving house.  Again.  This would be move number six since I left home to go to uni.

halls.  hell.  9 monthsskanky terrace.  bad housemates.  9 monthsslightly nicer terrace. psycho neighbours. 10 months.much nicer semi.  lots of cats.  One year and two weeks.lovely detached cottage.  middle of nowhere.  almost 11 monthsflat. on my own.  eep.

Good, isn't it?  Maybe one day I'll settle down and come up with some kind of long term life plan.  But not yet, 'cos that's quite hideously scary.  Short term scary 'eep I have to move house and live on my own and don't... continue reading »