moving house, yet again

Oh look, I'm moving house.  Again.  This would be move number six since I left home to go to uni.

  1. halls.  hell.  9 months
  2. skanky terrace.  bad housemates.  9 months
  3. slightly nicer terrace. psycho neighbours. 10 months.
  4. much nicer semi.  lots of cats.  One year and two weeks.
  5. lovely detached cottage.  middle of nowhere.  almost 11 months
  6. flat. on my own.  eep.

Good, isn't it?  Maybe one day I'll settle down and come up with some kind of long term life plan.  But not yet, 'cos that's quite hideously scary.  Short term scary 'eep I have to move house and live on my own and don't know anyone argh' is plenty enough to cope with right now.

But yes, I have the key to the flat and will be spending the weekend painting.  And cleaning the carpets, which are impressively filthy.  But it will be really nice when that's done and I've got my stuff in (which should be the middle of next week).

I have two parking spaces :D  I knew there was one, but apparently there's actually two.  In Ludlow, this is a Very Big Thing.  The two things that have been filling the papers for the last however long are parking problems and coffee shops.
Quite what I'm going to do with the second parking space I don't know.  Have had various suggestions including renting it out and parking sideways/incredibly badly.  hmm.

Oh yeah, neighbours.  That could take some getting used to again - don't know how much of my music/singing/general noise they'll be able to hear.  I briefly spoke to one of the neighbours yesterday to ask which parking spaces were mine, and she said she was glad "it was someone younger moving in".  So yes, I appear to be moving into old people land (then again, this is Ludlow so should I be surprised at that?).  Let's hope they're all friendly but slightly deaf rather than meddling old gits.

Oooh, and there was a massively fat cat :)



  1. Amelie's gravatar

    I've only moved... twice, officially. Then 3 times unofficially.

    1. House I was born in
    2. Moved to new house when I was 11
    3. "Moved" to uni halls when I was 18
    4. "Moved" to another uni hall when I was 19
    5. "Moved" to this place when I was 20

    I say "moved" because my official address hasn't changed or anything and a lot of my stuff is still at my parents' house (official home thing). As soon as I finish uni, proper m00ve shall take place. Hopefully.

    Amelie | 3rd Mar 07 5:40

  2. Jem's gravatar

    Mind if I come and steal the massively fat cat? :D

    Jem | 3rd Mar 07 16:32

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