oh look, I have internet again

Yes, my internet works again - which means I've uploaded all the stuff I've been working on offline for the last few weeks :D   ooh, shiny new features!

Expect it all to break spectacularly, heh.

If you're reading this it means I've successfully moved my website to a different and possibly less flakey server...

Not quite finished with 'improvements' yet (ha, as if I'll ever be).  Got loads more to do on the photo gallery, which I thought would be fairly straightforward but has actually turned into a much bigger project than originally planned.

Right, now it's time for some ice cream. yum yum! 



  1. Katy's gravatar


    Katy | 23rd Mar 07 22:28

  2. Amelie's gravatar

    "Less flakey server" ... That depends if the current good run of my hosts continues (and I hope it does, quite sick of having my sites go down all the time... Though since the last server move, this one hasn't gone down once. Yet.) :P

    *Pokes things* Ooh, I see comment permalink things... I need to make my ones of those a bit more obvious :|

    Amelie | 23rd Mar 07 23:03

  3. Katy's gravatar

    oh hmm, I forgot about the permalinks.. that was something I did ages ago and never finished, hence it just being a dot. heh.

    Katy | 24th Mar 07 17:25

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