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lazy bus drivers

There are two takeaways on the other side of the road.  This means that pretty much any time between 1800 and about 2230 there are cars parked on the double yellows (on both sides of the road) because people are far too lazy to walk more than about 5 metres to get their chips.

I find this slightly amusing, partly because they're all lazy fat bastards (spaces just a little bit down the road...), and partly because of the very bad driving/parking that goes on.  Pulling out across the road in front of other traffic?  Not a problem.  You'd think they'd... continue reading »

washing machine!

My washing machine arrived today.  This is a very dull and boring grown up thing.  Even worse that I've spent much of the day waiting for it saying "oooh washing machine yay" at random intervals to anyone who'll listen...  This does now mean that the flat is 'complete' in terms of huge items of essential furniture though.  And I own all of it! (or will when I write my mum a huge cheque anyway).

So yes, it beeps and makes funny noises and has buttons and lights and complicated things that I don't understand.  But it will clean my socks... continue reading »


kubuntu is upgraded, and I can't find anything different.  Newer KDE, so there's a few small differences there, but apart from that, nothing much.  ho hum.

Upgrade took far too long though.  I eventually stopped being stubborn and used their upgrader thingy.   40 minutes of downloading updates, that's not too bad (only got 2meg broadband, grr).  But configuring everything?  2 and a half hours in the end!  Blatent lies from the upgrader, which claimed it was going to take an hour and five.  hmm.  A full install takes less time than that...

On a slight sidenote, I wonder if I'll ever figure... continue reading »

updates for everything!

New kubuntu today.  also new thunderbird, but I've mostly stopped using that so meh.

Not updated my computer yet - partly because the ubuntu sites have been running very very slowly all day. Haha.  Was considering it this afternoon but I think it can wait until at least the weekend.

Reading the official upgrade guides, and I'm not entirely amused.  Preferred method of updating - using pissing adept (or whatever gui unbuntu has).  Manual command line updates are apparently "not recommended" because it is "less reliable".  What The Fuck?!  I see no logic in this, and have decided it must just... continue reading »

"all our representatives are still taking calls..."

British Gas are now well and truly top of my 'I-hate-you' list.

I moved here what, 6 weeks ago?  And when I did so the lettings agent took gas/electricity meter readings and passed those on, along with my details, to whoever the suppliers are.

This morning I get not one but TWO angry letters from British Gas demanding details with the threat of assuming the property is empty and cutting off the electricity supply if they don't hear back within 7 days.


What's even better is that the letters say "we sent you this letter on 4th April 2007".  Today is the... continue reading »

mystery box

I have a new pet hate.  Well, really a newly resurfaced old pet hate... On websites, of course:

That.  It's an empty input with a 'go' button.  Really user friendly :roll: 

It is, of course, a search box.  Clearly many web designers think that this should be obvious to your average internet user.  It's not.  It's just an unlabelled input box.

This particular example was screengrabbed from the Ubuntu forums, and they really should know better.

I'm not making any claims of expertise when it comes to doing user friendly accessible websites, but I do my best - and things like that... continue reading »

animals 2-0 humans

Heh, how great is Shropshire?  Going by the current bbc news for the county, it's full of violent animals seeking to cause pain to humans:

This amuses me greatly.  I'm in Wales at the moment, but when I get back I'll be steering clear of any angry looking sheep, just in case.