lazy bus drivers

There are two takeaways on the other side of the road.  This means that pretty much any time between 1800 and about 2230 there are cars parked on the double yellows (on both sides of the road) because people are far too lazy to walk more than about 5 metres to get their chips.

I find this slightly amusing, partly because they're all lazy fat bastards (spaces just a little bit down the road...), and partly because of the very bad driving/parking that goes on.  Pulling out across the road in front of other traffic?  Not a problem.  You'd think they'd at least pull up on the kerb, as it's not the widest road ever especially with parked cars on both sides.

But today, we have a winner.  A bus.  as in proper full sized public transport bus.  Parked on the wrong side of the road.  Ten minutes later the driver emerged with his food and drove off.  Not before shooing away some random old lady who I think wanted to get on the bus.. hah.


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