updates for everything!

New kubuntu today.  also new thunderbird, but I've mostly stopped using that so meh.

Not updated my computer yet - partly because the ubuntu sites have been running very very slowly all day. Haha.  Was considering it this afternoon but I think it can wait until at least the weekend.

Reading the official upgrade guides, and I'm not entirely amused.  Preferred method of updating - using pissing adept (or whatever gui unbuntu has).  Manual command line updates are apparently "not recommended" because it is "less reliable".  What The Fuck?!  I see no logic in this, and have decided it must just be lies and scare tactics so that newly converted windows users don't get scared of anything vaguely technical.

Then again, I am also a bit of a linux snob at times, and the whole idea of linux simply being a free replacement for windows annoys me no end.  It is much better than that.  grr. When I get round to doing my upgrade it will be with the command line, for the simple reason that it takes less time and effort.  and because I'm a little bit stubborn.

New stable Debian came out a few weeks ago too (wow!), which reminds me that I really should rescue my other computer from dad and get it working again.  I also really do need to get round to buying a dvd writer for this one, which I have been meaning to do since about christmas. Also want a few new usb drives, and then today I was thinking I may as well buy a new hard drive too, as the other pc only has 40gig in it.  Not that I use huge amounts of disk space for anything, but it's some kind of geek pride thing I think.
Thought process then says: if you're going to buy more space you may as well get more memory too...  can I afford any of this?  not really.  Considering that I still don't have a washing machine yet. ahh, priorities!

Doesn't help that John has a newish laptop...  I don't dare think about that too much because the second I start trying to justify it (mmm, internet in bed...) then I will decide it's a good idea and that'll be that.. 



  1. Amelie's gravatar

    Hmmm, should probably update my kubuntu... Haven't used it in ages, but still. I hope the new version won't break my wireless - I hacked it about a lot to get it to work in Edgy. Grrr

    Amelie | 19th Apr 07 21:39

  2. Dad's gravatar

    Get the washing machine first ! If you get the right one its probably running a version of Unix anyway .

    And you will have to search for your old computer as we tidied your room.

    Dad | 20th Apr 07 7:14

  3. Amelie's gravatar

    Woo Feisty :D Much better than Edgy, you should upgrade ;)

    Amelie | 20th Apr 07 19:53

  4. Katy's gravatar

    dad - I don't mind hunting for it, as long as you've not started nicking bits of it...

    Katy | 20th Apr 07 20:01

  5. Jem's gravatar

    I am offended by your generalisation that all windows users are scared of anything technical.. :P

    I also think that "a bit of a linux snob" is an understatement and that you can be as bad as some of those people in the Linuxy communities. Linux isn't yours to decide who uses it, pfft!

    Jem | 22nd Apr 07 13:11

  6. JaNuS's gravatar

    Ah, laptop jealousy. Great. Start using solaris, i managed to use a colleagues pc and its very nice

    JaNuS | 22nd Apr 07 14:24

  7. Iain's gravatar

    Solaris? Ewww... I tried that once, for about ten minutes. Great for large servers with millions of sun rays attached. Rubbish for a home machine.

    Iain | 24th Apr 07 7:51

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