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Free Stuff!

Despite now being an old and wise (hah) postgrad who really should know better, I've been round the freshers fair today. Four carrier bags of junk later, this is what my bedroom floor now looks like:

Pretty much all of the paper/fliers are going straight in the recycling 'cos they're all crap.  There are some coupons and stuff, but apart from that I also have...

one frisbeefifteen teabagsa spatulaone bottle openerthree pensenergy saving lightbulb
magnetic words.  Now adorning our fridge - will be interesting to see if anyone takes offence and removes them for looking messy.  The communal areas in this... continue reading »

No More Job

Awww, I've finished work :(  This makes me sad because my job is (was!) ace, but also it hasn't really sunk in yet, and probably won't do until I actually move out of Ludlow.

But on the positive side, I have a new toy :)  It's slightly laptop shaped.  In fact, very laptop shaped.  Can you guess what it is yet?

Its name is Arthur, and anyone after techy details may like to know that it's an Acer somethingorother, dual core with significantly more ram and hard drive space than my desktop.  Oh, and Windows Vista.  ick.

Obviously I shall... continue reading »