No More Job

Awww, I've finished work :(  This makes me sad because my job is (was!) ace, but also it hasn't really sunk in yet, and probably won't do until I actually move out of Ludlow.

But on the positive side, I have a new toy :)  It's slightly laptop shaped.  In fact, very laptop shaped.  Can you guess what it is yet?

Its name is Arthur, and anyone after techy details may like to know that it's an Acer somethingorother, dual core with significantly more ram and hard drive space than my desktop.  Oh, and Windows Vista.  ick.

Obviously I shall soon be installing a proper operating system on it, but first of all I have to figure some stuff out with partition sizes/types.  I was thinking of also putting XP on it, but I've mostly talked myself out of that now - really it would only be there for the sake of it (plus some kind of geeky pride in having a triple boot system), but then I figured that anything I need to use will probably either work on Vista or Linux (or both), and anyway Dougal has a perfectly usable XP install so it's not like I can't use that if I need to.

I'm having a much more productive weekend than last.  Today I stuffed my car full of boxes, bags and assorted bits of dissassembled furniture.  I forget how much space there is in a Polo, heh.

Might do another trip tomorrow, or more likely I might stay in Ludlow and have a wander round the Food Festival.  Although I don't know, yesterday it was fairly difficult to move for visitors/tourists so it'll probably be even worse tomorrow.

On a slightly related side note, I've decided that the collective noun for elderly people should be a "coach". 


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