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Autumn on the Canal

What better way to spend a 3 hour gap between lectures than wandering around taking photos?

Shame about the graffiti on the sign really.  I also took some pics of leaves floating on the canal (trying to be vaguely arty), but unfortunately there's also plastic bottles, rubbish and general scummyness.

It's really quite pretty and autumnal everywhere now :)  Actually, it was probably better a week or so ago, but I didn't have time then to get the camera out.

Moving Backwards Together

This has to be the most amusing thing I've read over the last few days - Stoke on Trent has its own musical anthem.  No, really.

Then I actually listened to it.  And laughed, a lot.  It's so embarrassingly cheesy and 80s synthy rubbish.  I was too busy giggling to pay much attention to the lyrics, but I think it's probably safe to assume that they're not so great either.

Poor old Stoke.  Although they could always try and enter it in Eurovision or something... 


Well, it's six months since the last one, so today was time for another Kubuntu upgrade!  Didn't take quite as long as the last one - two hours (!) to download it all, but only half an hour or so to configure and install everything.

Not that there's much difference.  New kernel, which is always nice as now my card reader and webcam 'just work' :)  Also new is the Dolphin file manager, which I haven't really poked about at yet but it looks decent enough.h

I did have to fight with my wireless though.  Again.  It was fine in Feisty, but... continue reading »

Chocolate Factory

Here is a bit of a clue as to how I spent my Wednesday afternoon this week:

Unfortunately I'm no longer 8 years old, and also having spent a horrible month working in the Lucky Bags factory a few summers ago slightly spoiled my appreciation of Cadbury World.  But it was good, and they let us in the staff shop to buy very cheap chocolate :)

Pretty much everything I've done this week seems to have somehow involved boats.  Apart from lectures, which have involved learning more things I already know.  Maybe this week I can find time for some climbing.  Or... continue reading »