Well, it's six months since the last one, so today was time for another Kubuntu upgrade!  Didn't take quite as long as the last one - two hours (!) to download it all, but only half an hour or so to configure and install everything.

Not that there's much difference.  New kernel, which is always nice as now my card reader and webcam 'just work' :)  Also new is the Dolphin file manager, which I haven't really poked about at yet but it looks decent enough.h

I did have to fight with my wireless though.  Again.  It was fine in Feisty, but for some reason decided to be quite impressively broken after the reboot.  One tiny change to a config file fixed it though, yay.

Despite that, I'm still so much happier using linux than windows.  I've been doing some work this week, which means using Vista.  I've still not really heard anything good about vista yet.  I dunno, it doesn't bother me that much.  Yeah, it annoys me, but no more than any other Windows does.  The seemingly random switching of colour schemes is a bit annoying (Dreamweaver is fine with aero, but Fireworks kicks it back to 'basic' mode).  It also seems to get very crap with the wireless connection after a while, which is annoying.  Saying that, I'm not convinced our broadband is that great anyway - especially as at one point last week it was just about crawling along at the very high speed of 23kbps!  For a 2mbit connection that's really quite poor...



  1. Mitu's gravatar

    Yay on the upgrade!

    I'm still exclusively using Vista on my new shiny laptop, purely out of laziness really. Need to get Ubuntu back on here, because Vista does drive me a little insane - much more than XP ever did, actually!

    Mitu | 21st Oct 07 5:38

  2. Amelie's gravatar

    ^ Me too, but only because I broke it when trying to install Kubuntu. I decided to keep my shiny laptop Windows-only and make the old one Kubuntu-only (with XP on there just in case) because it has a smaller hard drive and less powerful processor so it should be able to handle Linux better than Windows, which is better suited to this powerful beast :D

    ...also helps that the keyboard works here, old laptop doesn't seem to want to let me type. Oh well.

    Amelie | 21st Oct 07 15:23

  3. Katy's gravatar


    translation: Vista is a massive resource hog. That's really not a good thing btw :p

    Katy | 21st Oct 07 15:30

  4. Amelie's gravatar

    Windows = resource hog, not just Vista...

    Amelie | 21st Oct 07 16:24

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