Chocolate Factory

Here is a bit of a clue as to how I spent my Wednesday afternoon this week:

cadbury world photo

Unfortunately I'm no longer 8 years old, and also having spent a horrible month working in the Lucky Bags factory a few summers ago slightly spoiled my appreciation of Cadbury World.  But it was good, and they let us in the staff shop to buy very cheap chocolate :)

Pretty much everything I've done this week seems to have somehow involved boats.  Apart from lectures, which have involved learning more things I already know.  Maybe this week I can find time for some climbing.  Or to do some actual work!

We paddled back to uni along the canal from Cadbury World.  It's not really far but I'm very unfit so was a bit tired after that...  but it doesn't stop there, oh no.  Rushed home, quickly ate lunch and then went back down to the swimming pool for some canoe polo, which is really really hard work.  But actually quite fun.

Yesterday we went to Symonds Yat, which is annoyingly close to home, hehe.  I've got so many bruises and miscellaneous cuts/scratches all over me now.  Most importantly I didn't capsize, hooray.  And yes, I do realise that the rapids there are quite small and pathetic, but I'll freely admit that I'm a big wuss about it all.

Then last night we went for curry and a night out in the guild.  In fancy dress...  Was a really good night out actually.  Much drunken dancing :s  Not that I can dance at all, haha.  I can't remember the last time I went out (which is quite bad in itself) and so it probably did me good, even though my brain feels like it's full of cotton wool today.  urgh. 

I took a few photos which I should get round to putting up later on today.  but not that many, and only in the pub.  I've been feeling a bit guilty because I've not been doing my usual trick of taking thousands of photos constantly, but at the same time I don't really want to go into full on paparazzi mode with people I barely know! 



  1. Jem's gravatar

    I've always wanted to go to the Cadbury factory :(

    Jem | 14th Oct 07 12:54

  2. Katy's gravatar

    it smells of chocolate, it's lovely!

    Katy | 14th Oct 07 16:15

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