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ooh, look what I wrote on the fridge this morning:

There I was, gossiping and wasting time online as I usually am at 1am, when suddenly the whole house started shaking.  Bit confusing at first 'cos I wasn't sure what was going on - things rattle a bit sometimes when fast trains go past, but this was much more violent and went on for longer.  15 seconds maybe?  It was quite an odd experience.

Then it suddenly occured to me that maybe we'd just had an earthquake!  and oh look, I was right. hehe.  

Right now on the BBC website they've... continue reading »

No Moon

Yesterday I managed to cross off one of my new year's resolutions - roll a kayak :D

This is a very big deal for me, as I've been failing at it for several months now, without any obvious signs of improvement.  But last week I had some kind of breakthrough where it nearly worked, and last night I finally did it :)  And more than once too, so it can't have just been a fluke :P

Right now it's half 3 in the morning.  Ask yourself what I'm doing up at this hour...  One reason could be that there's currently a total... continue reading »

popup overkill!

I love broken websites :)

I've ended up on this particular site before (it's some kind of coding tutorial site, which I won't link to for obvious popuppy reasons). Last time it stopped at 359.

Today, however, it's even more broken.  Whenever I move the mouse it tries to spawn a load more popups.  And fails.  But keeps trying anyway, even though it's never going to win.  That number is now up to 3015.

Anyway, I found the bit of javascript that creates this mess.  The 'interesting' bit can be simplified to this:

if (!popupdone) {
    window.onclick = popup();
    window.onmousemove =... continue reading »


I installed KDE4 the other night.  Kubuntu will install it alongside 3, so as there was no risk of me destroying anything important I thought I may as well (plus I have loads of java and software engineering work that needs avoiding...)

Anyway, it lasted about 7 minutes before I angrily removed it.

Don't get me wrong, I do like KDE.  Mainly because it works, and I've got it customised to (almost) exactly what I want from my desktop.

But 4.. hmmm.  let's make a list:

 Sound.  It made noises.  Lots of noises.  Some kind of fanfare on startup (and probably logout but it... continue reading »

fruit and veg

For reasons mostly to do with the voucher I get at the end of it, I'm currently doing some survey type research thing.  This involves, amongst other things, recording how much fruit and veg I eat each day.

Two weeks in and I'm just about averaging two portions.  That's 1.8 of fruit and half a vegetable, ish. 
I'm not convinced their way of calculating it is entirely accurate, but even so, oops...