ooh, look what I wrote on the fridge this morning:


There I was, gossiping and wasting time online as I usually am at 1am, when suddenly the whole house started shaking.  Bit confusing at first 'cos I wasn't sure what was going on - things rattle a bit sometimes when fast trains go past, but this was much more violent and went on for longer.  15 seconds maybe?  It was quite an odd experience.

Then it suddenly occured to me that maybe we'd just had an earthquake!  and oh look, I was right. hehe.  

Right now on the BBC website they've got a few videos sent in by the general public.  Top quality, and in no way utterly pointless... Quite how a crappy clip taken on someone's phone of some studenty types playing wii and then going "woah, what was that?" counts as any sort of useful journalism I'm not sure...



  1. Jim's gravatar

    Some crazy people at the top of the A block (17 floors) at Opal were seen running down the stairs at 1am!

    Then again Opal is made out of damp cardboard...

    Jim | 28th Feb 08 10:01

  2. Jem's gravatar

    Did you hear - it was caused by a) homosexuals, b) global warming and c) ghost trains.

    Some people, I swear.

    Jem | 28th Feb 08 15:06

  3. Katy's gravatar

    d) all of the above

    personally, I blame science.

    Katy | 28th Feb 08 15:46

  4. Jim's gravatar

    No internet for you! I think the earthquake must have stolen it :o

    Jim | 5th Mar 08 17:08

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