popup overkill!

I love broken websites :)

yay for popup blockers

I've ended up on this particular site before (it's some kind of coding tutorial site, which I won't link to for obvious popuppy reasons). Last time it stopped at 359.

Today, however, it's even more broken.  Whenever I move the mouse it tries to spawn a load more popups.  And fails.  But keeps trying anyway, even though it's never going to win.  That number is now up to 3015.

Anyway, I found the bit of javascript that creates this mess.  The 'interesting' bit can be simplified to this:

if (!popupdone) {
    window.onclick = popup();
    window.onmousemove = popup();

Clever :roll: 

On a slightly similar and possibly even geekier note, I got far too excited when I spotted this in the pub at lunch time:

Malt Vinegar.  Ingredients: malt vinegar, some other stuff.

mmm, recursion...



  1. Dad's gravatar

    The geekforce strong in you is.

    You need get out a little more away from the programming. Knitting circle or similar


    Dad | 17th Feb 08 3:41

  2. Katy's gravatar

    I know, it's bad isn't it...?

    Katy | 17th Feb 08 4:10

  3. Jem's gravatar

    No, it's not bad. Stay loyal to geekdom, or we will find you and force you to recite PHP/Java/*insert other language here* until you admit that programming kicks arse.

    Jem | 17th Feb 08 14:59

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