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smells like river

Ah, my parents must love having me around. The past two weekends I've taken over their nice clean (well, it used to be) bath/shower and filled it with wet muddy smelly kayaking kit. yay! And then left it there for several days to dry. It wouldn't all fit in one photo which makes it look less impressive, but nevermind:

Not pictured: helmet, large dry bag and pile of thermals, last seen somewhere on top of the freezer. Also several smaller drybags that were in the kitchen somewhere but I think have now been moved...

Actually last weekend wasn't too bad, because I'd... continue reading »

I dislike the phrase "extreme sports"

If I hear the phrase "extreme kayaking" mentioned again this week I am going to start hitting things.  Yes, some people ran the Llyn Brianne spillway. Wow.  Not like that's never been done before, and it's hardly the first time anyone's put photos/video of it on the internet either...

Actually I'm more annoyed by all the idiots who immediately react with "oh, extreme sports should be banned beause they're dangerous and the NHS has to pay when someone injures themselves blah blah blah waste of taxpayer money blah blah".  Ahem.  Ever heard of insurance?  Oh, apparently that only exists for skiing... continue reading »


Aha, I've figured out why I find the name of the newest Ubuntu release even more ridiculous than normal!

Intrepid Ibex... urgh.  I shall be referring to it as "8.10".

Anyway, it's a naming convention.  'adjective animal', alliteration, blah blah blah. No secret that I do not like it. But let's look at the last few:

hardy heron gutsy gibbon feisty fawn edgy eft

And the next one will be 'jaunty jackalope'.  All with an 'eeeee' sound.   These, I can sort of cope with, because it doesn't sound completely moronic just to refer to them by the first work. 'Intrepid', however, does not end in... continue reading »

"Please purchase free ticket"

Gloucester's park and ride system is confusing.

For starters, they've decided against having something simple like a single payment for both parking and riding (which I thought was the point of park-and-ride?).  Instead you pay parking, and then pay bus fare.  hmm.

Anyway, even that's not so straightforward:

How exactly do you purchase a free ticket?  All the machine would let me do was put money in and buy an all day ticket, despite it being 14:00 and therefore very much after 10.  grr.  Probably would have been cheaper just to park in a normal car park in the city centre.

So what was... continue reading »