"Please purchase free ticket"

Gloucester's park and ride system is confusing.

For starters, they've decided against having something simple like a single payment for both parking and riding (which I thought was the point of park-and-ride?).  Instead you pay parking, and then pay bus fare.  hmm.

Anyway, even that's not so straightforward:

please purchase free ticket

How exactly do you purchase a free ticket?  All the machine would let me do was put money in and buy an all day ticket, despite it being 14:00 and therefore very much after 10.  grr.  Probably would have been cheaper just to park in a normal car park in the city centre.

So what was I doing in Gloucester, I hear no-one ask?  Going round lettings agences picking up details of houses/flats.  'Cos I've got a job there and need to move house yet again :)

In other car related news, motorway driving (more specifically, middle lane rage) has been much improved since discovering this.  Friday on the M5 I managed 8 and a half circuits around some idiot in a fiesta.  hah!  Previous best, about 4.  If I hadn't reached the M50 junction and had to turn off it would have easily been more.


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  1. Jim's gravatar

    Shame there's no motorway on the way to Stockport :( Sounds like fun!

    I like how you must purchase the free ticket, doesn't really make sense! Doesn't your new company have a car park?

    Jim | 15th Nov 08 6:56

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