Aha, I've figured out why I find the name of the newest Ubuntu release even more ridiculous than normal!

Intrepid Ibex... urgh.  I shall be referring to it as "8.10".

Anyway, it's a naming convention.  'adjective animal', alliteration, blah blah blah. No secret that I do not like it. But let's look at the last few:

  • hardy heron
  • gutsy gibbon
  • feisty fawn
  • edgy eft

And the next one will be 'jaunty jackalope'.  All with an 'eeeee' sound.   These, I can sort of cope with, because it doesn't sound completely moronic just to refer to them by the first work. 'Intrepid', however, does not end in 'y', and therefore fails.


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  1. Jim's gravatar

    That's why everyone just calls it 'Gutsy', 'Hardy', etc. I haven't bothered to upgrade to Intepid(y) yet, my new graphics card doesn't work in Hardy :(

    I doubt the next release will be Kayak Katy ;)

    Jim | 15th Nov 08 7:00

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