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Severn Bore

Today's activities so far: cycling to Over, then standing on the bridge for the best part of an hour waiting to see this:

It's the Severn Bore Hooray for large tidal ranges messing up rivers :)

Only a 2* bore today, but still quite impressive to watch - especially as I've not seen it before. 

There was a 3* late last night, and more 3 and 4* ones due next month, so plenty of opportunity to find a better viewpoint for photographing it...

There were a few people attempting to surf it, although without a huge amount of success.

Summer Evenings

This week has been somewhat busy.

Sunset from the top of Cleeve Hill, taken last Monday evening :)

Tuesday evening we had an evening session down at Symonds Yat, which is always fun.  Much carnage from other groups there with beginners, hehe.

Then on Wednesday, an evening at the races!  'Beer and a Balti' at Chepstow with work - and despite me having no knowledge of (or interest in) horse racing, I returned at a profit!  A whole five pounds, won on a horse chosen purely on jockey colours (black with pink stars).  Well, I say five pounds, really it was seven but... continue reading »