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It's never too early for mince pies

It's getting nice and autumnal now :) Pretty coloured leaves on the trees, and that slight chill in the air. Helped by it still being fairly sunny, so it's not actually cold yet...

Unfortunately, this also means that Sainsbury's is slowly filling up with Christmas crap. Far too early for any of that nonsense!

The only plus side being that I have some of these in my kitchen:

OK, so that's only a 'value' pie, and thus has a very poor filling:pastry ratio, but it's yummy all the same!  Once I get my hands on a jar of mincemeat I'll make my own... continue reading »

Punctures are evil

It's been one of those rare weekends where I haven't had anything planned to do.  So as it was reasonable weather yesterday, I thought I'd go for a nice bike ride.

Bit bored of the towpath close to home now (obviously it's rather flat, and generally has lots of people walking along it to avoid/scare the crap out of), so I thought I'd take the bike into the Forest and do something a bit more interesting :)

First step - a trip to Halfords to buy a bike carrier for my car - something I've been meaning to do for the last... continue reading »