It's never too early for mince pies

It's getting nice and autumnal now :) Pretty coloured leaves on the trees, and that slight chill in the air. Helped by it still being fairly sunny, so it's not actually cold yet...

Unfortunately, this also means that Sainsbury's is slowly filling up with Christmas crap. Far too early for any of that nonsense!

The only plus side being that I have some of these in my kitchen:

yum yum, mince pie

OK, so that's only a 'value' pie, and thus has a very poor filling:pastry ratio, but it's yummy all the same!  Once I get my hands on a jar of mincemeat I'll make my own (better) ones.

I'm also well into a cupcake making phase - particularly following the purchase of a silicone mini muffin mould.  Lots of teeny cakes!

Other than baking things, I've been keeping myself occupied over the last few weeks playing with yet more silly android apps (mostly 'barcode beasties', using various bits of office equipment); taking lots of photos at Pyranhafest; actually surfing the Severn Bore (great fun!); and getting a new hole stabbed in my ear :D


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  1. geek's mum's gravatar

    So pleased you did not pay too much for that item in the photo

    geek's mum | 26th Sep 09 6:13

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