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I like fireworks.  I also really like taking photos of fireworks:

From last Saturday night, right outside my apartment (extra bonus: didn't have to pay the fiver to get in, hah)

20 minute display, over the water.  Which was probably very pretty if you could actually see the reflections, but unfortunately the dock is surrounded by a lot of tall buildings, and there were a lot of people there.  Good thing fireworks go upwards really! (side note: why on earth you try and watch from under an umbrella?!)

Photos require a camera with manual shutter speed control - ie the Canon, which is... continue reading »

I think KDE hates me

Ubuntu's alliterative naming has got so ridiculous now that I refuse to acknowledge its existence wherever possible.  Anyway, a new version appeared the other week, so I'm now running 9.10.

Newer KDE, so slightly shinier looking but a few new bugs too - my settings panel seems to lack the ability to turn the sound system off, so I get annoying little noises if I unplug the power cable.  grr. 
Also there's a lovely error about a missing lib if I want to change my window decorations.  It's not missing, I checked.  Ahh, maybe one day kde4 will be 100%... continue reading »

A Royal visit!

Gloucester had some vip guests a week or so ago - the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh!

Not a very exciting visit, and certainly not worth standing outside for an hour and a half waiting for.. I wandered out 10 minutes before they were due, narrowly avoided eye poking injury from some flags, and took a few pictures.  Job done.

Anyway, they sailed up the canal, did a very quick turn around the main Docks basin in front of the flag waving masses, then vanished again. Off to a certain distinctively shaped building in Cheltenham for the afternoon!

Since then, I've been... continue reading »